No Tools Required!

Magne® Blind holds fast to your metal door with powerful magnetic brackets.

Quick Installation

Our magnetic bracket technology allows for easy install in seconds!

Adjustable Height

Tilt function with a clear wand; height adjust with safety cords. Warning labels provided



Cordless Magne Blind

A safer, more convenient alternative

Learn about the benefits of using a magnetic blind set. This magnetic rod for steel doors, refrigerators, and metal appliances attaches in seconds.
  • No holes or other damage that could void your doors warranty
  • No tools required
  • Adjustable Size: 17" - 30"
  • Aluminum rod with ABS plastic end brackets

Leaves no holes or ugly adhesive residue

Save your money and door warranty with Magne Blinds

Magne® Blind holds fast to your metal door with two powerful magnetic top brackets and two magnetic hold-down brackets.