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How to Install Curtains with your MagneRod Magnetic Curtain Rod 

The mold is stepped, so let’s get hepped. It's got three clips. Your mamma has some lips. Cordless is the way we roll; Saves your time for rock n roll. Standard size will fit your door. Won’t look like it's been through a war. And it’s got a magnetic personality.

Magne Rod Weight Test VS Generic Rod

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How to Install Your Magne Blinds

How To: The Magne Blind bracket

Magne Brand Brackets for Cordless and Corded Blinds

Magne Rod Versus "The Other Guys"

How to install Magnet Blinds | Easy Install Magnetic Window Blinds

  1. Either end is removable and can be interchanged with the other.
  2. It’s easier to insert the wider tube than the narrower tube when hanging a curtain.
  3. With the MagneBlind, all of the work is done by the top bracket. The bottom bracket is sufficient and should be handled judiciously.
  4. Two Top Brackets clip onto the top of the head rail. Slide the forked clip onto the edge of the far side of the head rail. It will seat with a “click”

    How to Install the Top Brackets of the Magne Blind :

    People often ask me how to install the top brackets of the MagneBlind. (See the above video named, "Magne Brand Brackets for Cordless and Corded Blinds") I like to demonstrate by showing the top of the head rail. A head rail is the bar at the top of the blind which supports all of the slats. There is a flat metal clip which goes under the head rail. Once you position it there, just move the nylon clip over the far lip of the head rail. It snaps into place. Now put one on the other side of the blind.

    All the weight is supported by the top brackets. There is a single hold down bracket. Take the side with the two prongs and place it over the top of the ridge in the bottom rail. A bottom rail is the bar hanging from underneath the slats. Finally, Snap the single prong gently onto the groove.