Energy efficient, attractive and economical Drapes

Want a cozy, comfy spot in your home to relax and “chill” ?

Insulated drapes are the solution you've been looking for! They're made with heavier fabrics that block more light and retain more heat than regular drapes. Plus, our insulated panels come with an optional liner made from vinyl or synthetic fabric which slows down the transfer of heat even further! These liners can be removed during warmer months so your room stays cooler all year long.


Drapes as Draft Barriers

Heavy drapes are not just for show; they can actually help you stay warm in winter. Draperies with heavier liners or extra layers of insulation have been popular for years and there is a good reason why! These heavy fabrics do more than maintain their temperature - they also block out noise so it’s easy to fall asleep when your home feels especially cozy without any distractions. And finally, these types if window coverings don't cost as much electricity because less energy will be used.

The number one place to mount an insulated drape - other than problem windows and doors - is the stairwell. This is where you can go just above the banister and mount an "Inside Mount" Drapery rod {more on that later} near the ceiling with the drapes hanging just touching the floor.

Even if you don’t like the color (green) you can stay more comfortable and maybe even save energy with some strategically placed drapes.


After all, it creates a certain desired appearance when there is some weight to the drapes and they lay flat for a neat, crisp appearance. Liners also have the benefit of conserving energy. It’s true; the air trapped in the layers of fabric, tend to maintain its temperature, creating an effective barrier to heat and cold. Using fabric to compartmentalize and separate areas of the room including door and stairways can reduce dreaded drafts.


Picture yourself enjoying a late night TV show on a cold winter night. The room is right next to the stairs. Heat rises, so you know that drafts will be created as the warm air moves up the stairs and out of your cozy room. What can you do?

hung near the ceiling and touching the stair can work wonders.


A “hard to find” curtain accessory called an inside mount rod, is the answer. It mounts in a similar manner to a shower rod but has some decorative accents that make it look at home in the living room. It is definitely more suited to the job than a curtain tension rod and appears much nicer than a shower rod. An added benefit: it telescopes so that you can adjust the width.


This is your chance to turn your home into a more eco-friendly space without making any drastic changes or lifestyle adjustments. You can start with easy and inexpensive updates such as switching out light bulbs for LEDs (they last twice as long!), using reusable grocery bags (you get at least ten plastic free shopping trips before they need replacing), and swapping paper towels for cloth rags in the kitchen or bathroom. Once you see how simple it is to make small changes that will have big impacts on our planet, we hope you’ll want to keep going


Always go green, even if you don’t like “mint”



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