Money Saving Ideas to Make a House a Home

Many people are getting extremely creative when it comes to decorating and remodeling their living space. I know you have heard this before, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Because of inflation, the Covid crisis and a host of other problems, creating a nice environment to live in is extremely important. Saving money while you do it is “just plain smart.”

I grew up (as an entrepreneur) in the decade where, to impress people, everything was purchased new and preferably the fashion item had a designer label. Now, things that catch my attention are more homespun. It’s great! You can learn so much from people today…

Thrift stores are a source of great bargains. If you have time, wander around and dream of ideas.  Many hardware items and curtain hangers, curtain rods are usually scattered through the stores. Bedsheets can be transformed into window treatments for privacy, light control and energy efficiency. Look for these ideas on HomeSelfie.

In my opinion connectors for computer hardware such as C-type receptacles may easily become obsolete. Install them for personal use, tailored to your own PC, Apple or general computer hardware but don’t expect the prospective home buyer to find any value in them as their needs may be different. One look at all connector options and I get a headache.

See the article by “Android Authority” It’s 2022 and USB-C is still a mess.  *




All these cables ConFuse me


*actually it says 2021

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