Tips to avoid scams

Tips to avoid scams

Dear Cherished Customer

There are many scams going on today and I just almost fell victim to one while searching for a home. it is a great story and I'll get back to it later.

If you are ever suspicious about anything related to our retail or wholesale business, please contact me directly. My name is Scott and I created these products.

I will always make sure that you are getting value for your purchase and will give you the chance for a refund if our shipping department makes a mistake or if you are not thrilled about something. I was "out of commision foe a while healthwise and if you feel that anything wasn't right, or "slipped through the cracks" you can feel free to contact me directly. Thank you very much and know that I want your experience to be a good one.




PS let me share with you an unrelated personal story that may save you from being taken advantage of, particularly with classified ad type listing sites.

I was looking for an apartment in Nashville (yes I dabble in music) On this particular day, I found two or three listings for house rentals. These particular homes were available for rent in Juliette.

It went like this: the scammer created duplicate listings on CL and showed a price over 50% below the market price per month and directed me to only contact the landlord by phone. When I called it told me that the call was forwarding to Google's phone call app. About 20 minutes later, I received a text asking if I called about a rental property. The person set up a showing and I drove out there. About the time I got there. A Delaware number asked to provide an email address. I knew it was a scam at this point, and refused to open the email they composed and sent to me. The email contained a link which supposedly contained the key code for the front door. I believe that if I had clicked the link, a bot or cookie or something would have infected my computer. The old saying "if it looks too good to be true - it probably is" applies here.

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